Sword Moves, Tricks and Flow

Everybody loves Sword-play!

Swords have been a feature in global history for centuries, the Sword itself remains a powerful symbol of strength, honour and integrity.

Crowds go wild at events for our Fire Sword Acts. If you’ve ever found yourself watching an epic battle movie and dreaming of being that hero, of doing that awesome move – this is the course for you!

Fun and challenging On-line Training course designed to teach you Sword Performance Skills and help you develop methods to access your Flow-State whilst improving fitness and co-ordination.

Experience the benefits of Flow Arts for yourself!

This is a non-combative course focussed on tricks and flow, if you’re already a martial artist then you’re sure to enjoy adding this new dimension to your skill set.

This course is suitable for anyone over 14 years, from complete beginners to seasoned Sword-players, all are welcome.

With dedication, many students progress to working with Fire Swords.


For Safety and legal purposes ;

Please DO NOT use steel or edged Swords in your practice. Non-edged, padded training swords are available to buy from us and other performance prop suppliers.

Please DO NOT use live Fire Poi in your practice. Performing with Fire is dangerous and requires specific Fire Safety Training, appropriate Insurance and a strong level of competence in Sword-play.

Please DO keep a drink handy when training and wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes.

Please get in touch if you require any further information