Poi Spinning, Dance and Flow:

Ancient maori art of Poi

Poi Dancing is an ancient Maori art.

Traditionally practised by Maori women and now popularised in the West through Festival and Dance culture, Poi spinning is well recognised globally by Medical and Scientific research as an extremely beneficial activity.

In conjunction with Poi Passion School of Poi and Fire Performance www.poipassion.com we are very pleased to offer On-line courses and also 1:1 distance learning sessions via Live Video, in the art of Poi Spinning.

A fun and challenging On-line Training course designed to teach you Poi Spinning and Dance, helping you develop methods to access your Flow-State whilst improving fitness and co-ordination.

Poi Increases grey and white matter in the brain, promotes bi-lateral neurological activity and stimulates neuro-synaptogenesis (growing NEW brain cells).

Aside from all of this, Poi Dance is beautiful and a great form of expression. Students frequently describe their Poi practice as a ‘physical meditiation’.

With dedication, many students progress to dancing with Fire Poi.


For Safety and legal purposes ;

For safety and legal purposes, please DO NOT use live Fire Poi in your practice. Spinning with Fire is dangerous and requires specific Fire Safety Training, appropriate Insurance and a strong level of competence in Poi spinning.

Please DO keep a drink handy when training and wear comfortable, loose fitting clothes


For more information or to book a course please send us a message.