Online Learning

Amaruq provides a variety of affordable on-line training and distance learning courses/resources Using a combination of reference resources and live video sessions with our tutors, you can learn: Swords, Poi, Glow Whip and more...

Why Online Learning?

We recognise that for many people wanting to learn something new or refine existing skills, things like busy schedules and travelling to workshops can be a barrier to accessing Circus Arts training. We want everybody to be able to access our teachers regardless of these barriers.

Our Online Learning Courses give you control over your training schedule and remove the need to travel to lessons.

Using a combination of video tutorials, reference reading and one-to-one live video lessons with our professional Circus Arts tutors we can teach you the skills you want to learn.

We have a great community of Circus Arts teachers, if your chosen skill is not in the list below, please contact us so we can help

Our Courses

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What will you learn?

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